Due to the continued presence of covid-19, the association has implemented some guidelines for returning to play and for conducting open practices.


The player’s temperature should be taken at home prior to leaving for training. Any player with a temperature or other symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to train and should not return until safe to do so.

To limit areas of interaction, no restroom facilities will be open during practice. Please use the restroom before coming to practice.

Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the house.


Practice times will be staggered to limit overlap. Players should go directly to their respective assigned training field and avoid congregating in common areas or the parking lot.

Players will be required to bring their own water and ball to all training sessions. Water cannot be shared at practice.

No practice vests or pennies will be used. Players are asked to wear their GREY training kits for practice. Bring your BLUE training top to wear as an alternate color.  New players should wear a GREY shirt for practice.

All FCD staff will be instructed to maintain social distancing throughout the session from players and others.

Parents may not congregate on the sides of the fields or in stands. Parents will be asked to maintain proper social distancing guidelines and if unable to do so they will be asked to stay in their cars. Face masks are recommended for parents.

Players will be instructed to lineup their gear with 6’ spacing from other teammates around the edge of the field to ensure during water breaks that proper spacing is being adhered to.

Use hand sanitizer during water breaks and during practice.

Equipment that is utilized in training sessions will be sanitized every day by an FCD staff member.

Elimination of all handshakes by players/staff.


Use hand sanitizer immediately after practice has completed.

Please leave the practice area quickly after practice is over and avoid congregating in the common area or parking lot.

Once home, wash your hands thoroughly and wipe down your ball and other gear.

Pursuant to the Governor’s guidelines for re-opening Texas, minimize contact with those 65 and older and those with pre-existing health conditions for a period of 14 days after practice or games.