Lubbock Academy


All registration will be done online and will include fees for both FCD WTX Lubbock Academy and Red Raider Academy League.  Participation will include:

Lubbock Academy

FC Dallas WTX Academy Extension Program (including Red Raider Academy Training and League Play:

Age Groups:              10’, 11’ 12’, 13’ Birth Years (BOYS and GIRLS)

Time & Location:     Days determined by age group instructor

Training:  Training consists of one Red Raider Academy session per week and one FCD WTX training session per week with your age group (during Red Raider Academy Spring and Fall seasons).  During Summer and Winter, training consist of two sessions a week (weather permitting and age group dependent) Every age group will receive 2 to 4 tournament opportunities per year as well.


Red Raider Academy League:

 Location:                   John Walker Soccer Complex, Lubbock, Texas

 Dates:                         Fall 2019 and Spring 2019 Training Sessions and league play will be included in academy fees.

Link for more info on Red Raider Academy:


FCD WTX Academy Extension Training/Red Raider Academy League

$500 annually

Red Raider Academy Training &League:

Fall and Spring seasons included in Annual Academy Extension Program Fees.

For registration details:




  • Click on the one of the following links to make your payment:

Pay in full with ACH - $500 (less $25 discount = $475)

Pay in full with Credit Card (less $25 discount + $15 credit card fee = $490)

Pay in installments with ACH - $50 down + $50 per month from 9/5/19 – 4/5/20

  • Fill out your US Club Soccer Player Form to attach in step 4


  • Copy your birth certificate to attach in step 4


  • Click on the link below to register your player in TeamSnap


Welcome to FCD WTX Lubbock Academy