Lubbock Academy | 2020-2021

FC Dallas WTX Academy Extension Program (including Red Raider Academy Training and League Play):

Age Groups:              11’ 12’, 13’, 14' Birth Years (BOYS and GIRLS)

Time & Location:     Days determined by age group instructor

Training:  Training consists of one Red Raider Academy session per week and one FCD WTX training session per week with your age group (during Red Raider Academy Spring and Fall seasons).  During Summer and Winter, training consists of two sessions a week (weather permitting and age group dependent) Every age group will receive 2 to 4 tournament opportunities per year as well.

 Red Raider Academy League:

 Location:                   John Walker Soccer Complex, Lubbock, Texas

 Dates:                         Fall 2020 and Spring 2020 Training Sessions and league play will be included in academy fees.

Link for more info on Red Raider Academy:


FCD WTX Academy Extension Training/Red Raider Academy League

Registration will be per season basis, (a Fall 2020 registration then a Spring 2021 registration). We have set the financial structure up a bit different this year to ensure that every kid plays in the Red Raider Academy and receives the full benefit of a full year of play. As of now we are planning to have Red Raider Academy as our league for our extension program.  If for some reason Red Raider Academy is not available by Tech, we  will not collect the final two $50 installments in the fall.  If you paid in full we will reimburse you the $100 over-payment immediately.

Red Raider Academy Training &League:

Fall and Spring seasons included in Annual Academy Extension Program Fees.

Fall 2020

Registration: August 24 - September 15: $150*

September 15th Draft: $0

October 15th Draft: $50

November 15th Draft: $50 (cancel is no Red Raider Academy)

December 15th Draft: $50 (cancel if no Red Raider Academy)

Spring 2021

Registration January 5th - February 1st: $100

February 15th Draft: $50

March 15th Draft: $50

April 15th Draft: $50

May 15th Draft: $50

Fee things that are a bit different than the previous years:

  1. If registration needs to occur after the dates specified above, a $25 late fee will be charged.
  2. Instead of an annual payment cycle we will go with a Fall 2020 registration and a Spring 2021 registration due needing to adjust to two season per year in the event an unforeseen circumstance arises (ex. a pandemic shuts everything down :).  Those fees are outlined above but break down to $300 per season if Red Raider Academy is still held.  Fall will go to $200 if Tech will not let Red River Academy to proceed this year.  I should have this answer before November 1st so I can stop the last two drafts.  However, if you pay in full you will be reimbursed $100 at the same time drafts are halted.
  • You will have the option to pay in full ($300 if ACH and $315 if credit/debit card).  Installments will also be allowed.  However, the deposit will be $150 down for fall only (due to registration opening a bit later and not drafting another $50 payment a few days later.  Following September registration close a $50 monthly draft from ACH account for 3 months to total $300 (last payment should occur December).  No payments will draft for fall after December.  If Red River Academy does not occur you will be charged $200 for Fall instead of $300 (last two drafts will stop after $200 is paid in).


For registration details or questions:

Contact Brandi McKinnon