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FC Dallas West Texas

PO Box 60561
Midland, TX 79711

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Board of Directors

President Keith Larremore 806-543-7300
Vice President Rocky VanHusen 432-934-4059
Treasurer Kim Hodges 432-638-3699
Secretary Jamie Goodgame 432-889-8039
Past President Zach Doss 432-559-7215
Division Director Coordinator Rocky VanHusen 432-934-4059
    Abilene Division Director Marcus Wood 325-280-0912
    Lubbock Division Director Gibbs Keeton 806-470-5513
    Midland Division Director Jared Richardson 432-230-7723
Abilene Registrar/TM Coordinator Shelly Brooks 325-603-3427
Lubbock Registrar/TM Coordinator Brandi McKinnon 806-283-3775
Midland Registrar/TM Coordinator Samantha Smith 432-978-3588
Steering Committee Chairman Mike Murray 325-660-3317
    Abilene Steering Committee Rep Mike Murray 325-660-3317
    Lubbock Steering Committee Rep
    Midland Steering Committee Rep Michael Tully 432-349-4379
Tryout/Camp/Clinic Coordinator Rocky VanHusen 432-934-4059
    Tryout/Camp/Clinic Rep Abilene
    Tryout/Camp/Clinic Rep Lubbock
    Tryout/Camp/Clinic Rep Midland
Financial Aid Committee Chairman Kim Hodges 432-638-3699
Equipment/Uniform Coordinator Jared Richardson 432-230-7723
    Equip/Uniform Coord Abilene Glenn Jackson 325-370-8890
    Equip/Uniform Coord Lubbock
    Equip/Uniform Coord Midland
Fundraising/Grant Writing Committee Chairman Maria Murray 325-660-3617
    Fund/GW Rep Abilene Susanna Lubanga 325-829-7326
    Fund/GW Rep Lubbock
    Fund/GW Rep Midland
Audit Committee Member Jessica Horner
Audit Committee Member
Audit Committee Member
Gotsoccer Coordinator Jared Richardson 432-230-7723
Website Coordinator Becky Frost 325-733-8167
Lubbock Academy Coordinator Brandi McKinnon
Lubbock Academy Coaching Staff Art Olivarez
Midland Academy Coordinator
Midland Academy Coaching Staff Jared Richardson
Abilene Academy Coordinator Brady Curry 325-669-5092
Jody Team
Abilene Academy Coaching Staff